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Pro League



More groundskeepers rely on Turface® Pro League® than any other infield conditioner for one fundamental reason—to give players the opportunity to perform at their best. And now with improved manufacturing and dyeing processes, the performance is better than ever.

  • Smaller, more uniform particles assure a smooth, professional, skinned playing surface, minimizing potentially dangerous bad hops

  • Moisture-absorbing properties improve footing and help to prevent rainouts

  • Color choices enhance visibility and ballpark aesthetics

  • Available Colors: Champion Brown, Heritage Red & Red.


Turface Quick Dry

Save the Game from Rain!

The fine particles of Turface® Quick Dry® make it the perfect choice for quickly clearing up puddles and mud on skinned infields. Just dump and rake to make your infield safe and playable.

  • Absorbs its weight in water!

  • Won’t harden or cake like similar water-absorbing products

  • Used to rescue more infields than any other brand

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Dirt Medic Infield Drag & Groomer

The Dirt Medic™ Infield Drag & Groomer is specifically designed for use with garden tractors, light utility vehicles and ATV’s to fill and level Little League to High School infields. With the durability of larger units, the Dirt Medic™ Infield Drag & Groomer weighs only 200 pounds and has a 4 foot wide grooming path with 10 inch pneumatic wheels for easy transport. A single hand crank adjusts both the angle and depth of the harrow teeth. 

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Dirt Doctor Jr Tow Model Infield Drag and Groomer

 Designed to be pulled behind a utility vehicle, the Dirt Doctor Jr™ Tow Model Infield Drag & Groomer can plow, pulverize, drag, compact and finish in one pass. You will get the performance of much larger infield grooming machines at a fraction of the cost. Plus, all adjustments can be made super fast and require No Tools! You can easily fine-tune the reversible harrow teeth, pulverizer bar, transport wheels and optional finishing broom to give your infield the perfect playing surface. 

Drag King Deluxe- Infield Drag

The Drag King™ pull-behind drag and scarifier features a unique 3-section component design that combines the grooming capabilities of conventional hand pulled mats with the field conditioning capabilities of the tractor pulled units costing thousands of dollars more.

With the added scarifier section and pulled with a standard lawn or garden tractor you can bring rougher fields back to shape.

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