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Pro League Elite #1 Conditioner

Here are a few reasons why so many choose and trust Turface Pro League Elite:
Creates a consistent balance of moisture in the infield mix by holding and releasing water over time to maintain optimum moisture for a longer period of time.
Covers up to 20% more area than other calcined materials which means great value for your investment.
As the industry’s most stable conditioner, Turface Pro League Elite reflects the highest standards in quality, performance and innovation.
Delivers the highest absorption rate of any calcined clay particle in the market. • With industry-leading quality and four colors to choose from, Turface Pro League Elite is your best choice for professional grade surfaces.
Uniform particles are easy to drag and don’t migrate down into the mix, giving you better protection on the top of your infield.

turface conditioner.png
elite champion brown.png

Elite Champion Brown

elite heritage red.png

Elite Heritage Red

elite natural.png

Elite Natural

elite red.png

Elite Red

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