Mulch & Tackifier

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Profile Cellulose

Profile® Cellulose hydraulic mulch is made with 100% grade-A recycled paper and is the cleanest, most consistent cellulose mulch available.

  • High quality 100% cellulose fiber mixes in water at an accelerated rate and stays in suspension for more uniform consistency

  • Exclusive defibration and production processes improve water-holding capacity

  • Ideal cover for general seeding

  • Maximum slope length of 15 feet (4.6 m)

  • Functional longevity is ≤ 3 months

50lb/Bag | 40 bags per pallet

Profile Wood 

Contains 100% of the highest quality recycled wood fibers that have been Thermally Refined®.

  • Delivers up to 50% more water-holding capacity and germination than atmospherically refined wood mulches

  • Provides maximum soil coverage for greater value

  • Delivers farther and smoother shooting for greater productivity

  • Maximum slope length of 20 feet (6.1 m)

  • Functional longevity is ≤ 3 months

50lb/Bag | 40 bags per pallet

Profile Flexterra HP-FGM (Flexible Growth Medium)

Patented Flexterra® High Performance-Flexible Growth Medium™ (HP-FGM™)—proven to surpass all hydraulically applied mulch products and turf establishment blankets:

  • Immediately effective upon application—bonds directly to soil

  • Superior erosion control—99% effective at multiple large-scale testing laboratories

  • Excellent functional longevity that lasts through grow-in

  • Ideal for dormant seeding and long-term protection in arid climates

  • Less soil preparation, faster lay down and lower installed cost than rolled blankets

  • Faster vegetative establishment and greater biomass production than any rolled blanket or hydraulically applied mulch available

  • Minimizes soil loss and turbidity of effluent runoff

50lb/Bag | 40 bags per pallet

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HydroStraw - All in One BFM


  • Micronized Natural Fertilizer

  • Biological Inoculant Food System

  • Soil Building Attributes to Rejuvenate the Soil

  • Designed for Disturbed Sites

  • Biotic Soil Matrix Designed for Low Organic/Nutrient Sites

HydroStraw® All In 1 addresses the biological, chemical, and physical requirements for stabilizing and restoring vegetation on disturbed soil sites, as well as controlling erosion during vegetation establishment.

50lb/bag | 40 bales per pallet 

HydroStraw- Cellulose Fiber Plus


HydroStraw® Cellulose Fiber Plus is a hydraulically applied mulch with a specially formulated composition of annually renewable wheat straw fibers, cellulose fibers, natural fibers for fiber matrix entanglement, and a non-toxic soil stabilizer. Spray 50% more area with Hydrostraw than paper or wood mulch.

50lb/bag | 40 bales per pallet 

EZ Mulch Advanced Formula 

As the newest member of the EZ Mulch family, EZ Mulch Advanced Formula is formulated with a unique blend of paper and corn fiber. Because of its unique composition, EZ Mulch Advanced Formula can be used in all types of seeding applications: 

40lb/Bag | 50 bags per pallet

Profile Seed-Aide CoverGrow 

40lb/Bag | 50 bags per pallet