VSI Hydroseeder

400 Gallon Capacity


  • Hydroseed Gun
  • Three 50’ hose sections with camlock connectors
  • 1 ¼” spray tip
  • 1” spray tip
  • Cannon tip
  • Two 2.5 gallon jugs of TKO


    • Fork pockets allow for easy moving with a forklift or skid steer
    • Standard bead blasted, epoxy primed and powder coated skid
    • Chain/strap mounts for easy tie down
    • Honda GX390 electric start, mated to a 3" Hypro Poly Pump 
    • All fittings are flanged and all hose connections are cam locked for easy removal and assembly
    • Standard pond suction feature allows unit to self fill without the use of an auxiliary pump. 
    • Swivel on spray gun means your hoses won’t twist or kink as much or fight against you while pulling them along.
  • Length (Inches) Width (Inches) Height (Inches)      
    90 31 (Skid) 58      
    Engine Pump Max Hose Weight (Unloaded) Weight (Loaded)  
    GX390 Honda 3" Hypro Poly 200-250ft 710 lbs 3990 lbs  
      54 PSI, 484 GPM        
    Capacity Coverage Mulch (lbs) Seed (lbs) TKO Mix Time
    400 Gallons 4000-4800 Square Feet 160-200 20-28 60-120oz 5-7 Minutes